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Boundary Disputes

Relationships with neighbours can easily become acrimonious.  Issues surrounding the ascertainment of where a boundary lies and who is responsible for a boundary fence or wall is a prime cause for disputes between neighbours which can escalate to the point that it mars the enjoyment of the ownership of your home. Resolving such disputes can be drawn out and expensive and the costs of resolution frequently exceeds the actual land value involved as the matter becomes a point of principle between warring neighbours.

Such problems are best avoided by diplomatic discussion as soon as the problem or potential problem is discovered.

Most importantly, the landowner perceiving the problem must ensure that he/she gets his/her facts right.  The first port of call,to check on the exact position or ownership of boundaries, is the Title Deeds or the Land Registry (  Plans are not necessarily definitive but they are to scale although the scale is such that plotting the boundary correctly within a few inches is not necessarily achievable.

If negotiations aided by the best information available fail then please contact us for an initial consultation when our local surveyor will be able to give you some general guidance over the telephone prior to informing you of an idea of costs should a site inspection and negotiations and any further escalation become necessary.   This is likely to be on a rate per hour basis plus costs.

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